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vehicle tracking system

Vehicle Tracking System 

Specifications/Special Features:
  • Check the cars location, speed, direction, odometer by SMS and GPRS network
  • Check the cars real physical address (such as city name, street name) by SMS by any mobile
  • Check the cars location directly by the Google Maps link, open the link on smart phone to get real address
  • Cut-off the car power/fuel supply by SMS or Website, to stop car
  • Monitor the voice inside car via telephone with multiple modes to choose, let the user mobile to pay communication fee, or let SIM card inside tracker to pay
  • Free live tracking by Website to monitor cars address anytime any where conveniently
  • Arm/disarm by SMS and phone call
  • Movement alarm
  • Once the car is parked, you can send the SMS command to put the tracker in movement alert status, then if the car is moving out about 30 meters, the tracker will send SMS to inform you, it is a very useful function, which enables the tracker to work as car security alarm systems too
  • Geo-fence alarm
  • User can set a certain zone by SMS or by Website, once the vehicle over-step the fence, the tracker will send SMS to inform you
  • Over-speed alarm
  • User can set a certain speed limitation by SMS or Website, once the vehicle is running over the speed, the tracker will send SMS to inform you
  • Power failure alarm and low power alarm
  • If the car battery is cut-off or low enough, the tracker will send alarm SMS to warn you
  • Send odometer report by SMS with coordinate
  • User friendly design, can define SMS content in different language, user can set SMS language in English, Arabic, Portuguese, French, Spanish
  • 4 level of power save mode to choose, with the minimum power consumption of 6mA, which is very important for motorcycle tracking which requires low-power consumption
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