wireless alarm security system coimbatore
advanced gsm alarm system

Advanced GSM Alarm System 
with Home Automation 
  • 8-wire, 99 wireless defense zones
  • LCD display, capacitive touch keypad, full voice prompt, installation setting and daily operating are more easily
  • Can store 6 groups of phone numbers: when alarming, the alarm system will make alarm call to these numbers automatically
  • Can store 2 groups of phone numbers: when alarming, the alarm system will send SMS to these numbers automatically
  • Each zone name can be modified by user
  • 10 seconds voice message recording playback: human recording, synchronous playback for recording effect in audition
  • Defense modes: remote, keypad and non-local remote by telephone, stay-in, timing defense and individual defense in zones
  • Programming of defense zone type: all zones could be programmed via keypad for immediate, delayed, 24-hour and bypass alarm modes
  • Alarm position programming:
    • Intelligent automatic speech recognition: SOS and fire, gas leak, magnetic contact, hall, window alarm, balcony alarm and perimeter alarm
    • Timing arm and disarm: console features automatic timing arm and disarm
  • Two arm models:
    • Home alarm: console music and voice alarm, external siren mute
    • Home away arm: console voice and loud external siren alarm
  • Password recovery: whether console in defense or withdrawal, lost password can be recovered
  • Intelligent learning code, newly added with detector, prompt and efficient, convenient and simple
  • Event log query: console automatically records 45 pieces of all information concerning defense, withdrawal and alarm events
  • Line priority alarm: console will cut busy call and switch to priority alarm in case of alarm during ongoing call, no matter incoming or outgoing call
  • Remote control: through remote phone (cell phone) dial-up, various operations could be realized, like defense, withdrawal and on-site monitoring
wireless security alarm systems coimbatore