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gsm pstn alarm security wireless door magnetic sensor

Wireless Door Magnetic Sensor

Functions Features

Door magnetometer with panic button

Adopting ultralow power chip design

Checking report of low power trouble

Function of anti-dismantle and anti- destructibility

Current Consumption:less than 20uA; less than 15mA while transmitting

Transmit Frequency:315±0.2Mhz/433±0.2Mhz

Installation:less than 15mm between part A and part B


wireless vibration sensor gsm pstn alarm systems security coimbatore

Wireless Vibration Sensor

Functions Features

High power design, far distance, low power indicated widely used for monitoring vibration with high reliability, small size, easy installation and strong flexibility. 

Once vibration is detected, it will be triggered and immediately sends out wireless signal to main alarm system to warning. 

Installing place:special for bank safe box and others


wireless door bell sensor gsm pstn alarm systems security coimbatore


Wireless Door Bell Sensor

Functions Features

Installed in the entrance, the alarm host will sound 

“Ding Dong” if someone press it. 


Operating power: 12VLi-Ionbattery

Emitting frequency: 433Mhz

Emitting distance:≥100M(In open Area) 

Service life:≤1 year


pir sensor motion gsm pstn alarm systems security coimbatore


PIR Sensor (Motion)

Functions Features

Wireless intelligent infrared detector with high stability

Automatically identify valve control and pulse count

Detect movement of human when intruder pass through the area

Send out signal to alarm host

Suitable for the safety of residential house, villas, factories, markets, warehouses, office building


water level alarm sensor gsm pstn alarm systems security coimbatore


Water Level Alarm Sensor

Functions Features

Triggered by water from water sensor

Working voltage:12V DC, with dry battery model:23A 

Low battery voltage about 8V

Working current:≤10mA 

Static current:≤5μA

Working frequency:433.92 MHZ±2KHZ or 315 MHZ

Transmitting distance:noninterference<200m

Emitting frequency:<10mw Frequency tolerance:±0.2MHz

Oscillator resistor can be changed by jumper: 1.5ohm/3.3ohm/4.7ohm selectable by jumper

Operating temperature: indoor -10 ~ 50°C, related humidity ≤ 95%

Power: standby :0.01W, Alarm :0.09W

Size: Transmitter: 90 mm(L)×55 mm(W)×22 mm(H), small box size: 5x2.7x0.9cm

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